Dr. Lisa Chu, Half Moon Bay California – My Gettysburg

By Carl Whitehill – Meet Dr. Lisa Chu, a sketch and watercolor artist who spent a month in Gettysburg earlier this fall documenting her visit through her drawings, paintings and daily journals. Lisa was visiting the Gettysburg area as part of her own “artist-in-residence” program, a way for her to celebrate the National Park system during this centennial anniversary.

For one month, Lisa toured the Gettysburg battlefield, the Adams County countryside and dove deep into the power of this place. She embraced the land, the people and the history that makes this region so special. Reigning from Half Moon Bay, California, Lisa left Gettysburg with a different understanding of this small town and rural landscape.

Through this ‘My Gettysburg’ video, we share with you Lisa’s story – in her own words.


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