Comfort Foods to Try in Gettysburg

Sometimes in life, you want fresh and healthy food, and sometimes you want straight up comfort. This list is for the latter, for when you are looking for an indulgent, warming and comforting bite to eat. From soups to sandwiches, from shareable appetizers to classic comfort dishes, check out the list below for some of the most delicious comfort foods in Gettysburg.

Baked King’s Onion Soup at the Dobbin House Tavern

There’s nothing more comforting than a piping hot cup of soup. The Dobbin House Tavern’s baked king’s onion soup is a customer favorite, rightfully so. It’s made from scratch, with beef and onions and is topped with a variety of savory cheeses that melt perfectly on top. Dive into a bowl of this soup for warm and cozy deliciousness.

Chili at Gettysburg Eddie’s

Sometimes there is nothing more warming and delicious than a bowl of chili. Gettysburg Eddie’s epic chili is topped with a generous amount of melted Monterrey jack and cheddar cheeses, crisp red onion and a piece of grilled garlic bread for dipping.

Poutine at Mason Dixon Distillery

Mason Dixon Distillery’s poutine is savory, indulgent and completely comforting. Order this as an appetizer to share among a group, or if you’re feeling in need of extra comfort, order the dish all for yourself. Crispy french fries are topped with housemade gravy, braised short ribs and salty cheese curds. To take the comfort to the next level, enjoy Mason Dixon Distillery’s housemade spirits while you’re there.

Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots at the Eagle & the Owl

Head to the Eagle & the Owl restaurant at Liberty Mountain Resort to refuel after a round of golf or a run on the slopes, or if you’re just looking for some mouth-watering food. May we suggest starting your meal with the bacon wrapped tater tots for some serious comfort. House-made tater tots are wrapped in applewood smoked bacon and are topped with jalapenos and cheddar cheese. 

Mile-High Meatloaf at Appalachian Brewing Company

If you’re super hungry and craving serious comfort, try Appalachian Brewing Company’s mile-high meatloaf. It’s a classic dish, taken to the next level. A thick slice of Texas toast is topped with Black Angus meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, stout-infused gravy and crispy, fried onion straws. Pair this with one of Appalachian Brewing Company’s housemade craft beers or sodas for extra comfort.

Chicken and Biscuits at the Historic Fairfield Inn

You’ll find comfort and nostalgia in the traditional chicken and biscuits at The Historic Fairfield Inn. You’ll feel completely satisfied after digging into the homemade, flaky biscuits topped with rich gravy and slow roasted chicken.

Crab Mac and Cheese at One Lincoln

Nothing says comfort like a bowl of creamy mac and cheese, and One Lincoln’s version takes mac and cheese to the next level. Freshly cooked macaroni noodles are coated with creamy crab bechamel sauce and topped with herbed brioche croutons. 

Spaghetti Grilled Cheese at The Pub

When you can’t decide between spaghetti or grilled cheese – at The Pub & Restaurant, you don’t have to. This epic sandwich starts with classic spaghetti – homemade marinara sauce and noodles – that is then sandwiched between two large slices of garlic butter Texas toast and is grilled together with plenty of provolone cheese.

Shepard’s Pie at the Garryowen Irish Pub

The Garryowen Irish Pub’s authentic Shepard’s pie is a family recipe from County Armagh in Ireland. Ground beef and vegetables are combined with a rich gravy and are topped off with lightly browned mashed potatoes. Dig in for some serious comfort.

Fried Chicken Sandwich at 1863 Restaurant

1863 Restaurant at the Wyndham Gettysburg Hotel offers an irresistible take on a classic fried chicken sandwich. Crispy fried chicken is topped with candied bacon and is flavored with spiciness from bird’s eye chilies and sweetness from a drizzle of honey.

Chicken Pot Pie from the Farnsworth House

The Farnsworth House’s chicken pot pie is prepared in the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch style – egg noodles, potatoes and chicken are combined and topped with a flaky crust, then baked until golden, bubbling and delicious. 

Hot Cocoa at Ragged Edge Coffee House

You’ll be comforted as soon as you step inside The Ragged Edge Coffee House. Order your favorite hot beverage – a hot cocoa, latte or cappuccino – and enjoy every warming sip in the fun and cozy atmosphere, or as you take a stroll through downtown Gettysburg. 

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  1. Robert G. Minter says:

    I feel, as a forth generation Gettysburg person, that I wanted to complement you for the wonderful work that you do one behalf of our wonderful little town. I have given many people information and I try to always find a publication, magazine or display like this, to share with them. I have always been so proud of the people, places and efforts to develop as we have. I remember a favorite remark made to me that I have used many times—Gettysburg and the people are like a beautiful combination of small town mixed with just the correct mix of city atmosphere, if desired. You deserve to be included as a large part of it.

    • Jess Clevenger says:

      Thank you so much, Robert! We are honored that we get to help to share all of the things that make Gettysburg such a wonderful place to live and visit!

  2. Meena Rehana Somwaru says:

    I’ve been to:
    *Dobbin House Tavern
    *Gettysburg Eddie’s
    *Appalachian Brewing Company
    *The Pub
    *Farnsworth House
    *Ragged Edge Coffee House
    I LOVE Gettysburg…fell in love with it when I first visited in 2017.❤

  3. CPT says:

    How could you skip shepherd’s pie or bangers & mash at O’Rorkes???

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