Fore Score and a little Family Fun

Every time my family and I go on vacation, we take in a round of golf, mini-golf that is, or putt-putt as my husband calls it. We are lucky enough in the area to have several courses to choose from, including Granite Hill Adventure Golf and Hickory Falls in addition to Mulligan MacDuffer Adventure Golf, where we played just the other weekend. The nice thing about mini-golf is that the three of us can go and have a good time and my four-month-old can enjoy the experience in his stroller (probably secretly laughing at us). Being early spring, the course was in full bloom. This was both beautiful and distracting. Not so distracting though, that I managed to win by two strokes. Yes, only by two strokes, but I won. The course offers two 18-hole options and we opted for the lower course. It winds up around the back of through the waterfall hill. My daughter loves to play the holes that take you over the water and through the cave. Very adventurous for mini-golf. Mini-golf is just one of the ways to have a little family fun while in the Gettysburg area. Over the years, my family has enjoyed quite a few things as visitors in our own community. We consider ourselves lucky to live here and to have access to all of the museums and activities that other communities don’t have.


My daughter, Chloe, is 10 now, and over the years we have taken her to several events that she really enjoyed. Others – like the annual Gettysburg Wine & Music Festival – my husband and I have experienced on our own. Chloe has enjoyed the Gettysburg Outdoor Antique Show with us, which may sound strange for a child, but she always discovers something cool on one of the many tables that stretch around Lincoln Square and out the radiating streets. Of course she LOVES the newest event on July 4 of the concert and fireworks held on the Gettysburg College Campus – complete with pre-fireworks ice cream. If you asked her, she would probably tell you the event she has the most memories from is the National Apple Harvest Festival. From the petting zoo, to her annual pony ride and the food – gotta have the apple sausage – it’s a day of family fun.

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There’s a variety of other activities we have enjoyed. Between my husband and I, my in-laws and my mom, Chloe has taken in the local sites. Walks through the battlefield and town to understand the history – you can’t be from here and not know how monumental this site is, even if you are young. Trips to Cataoctin Wildlife Preserve & Zoo, Land of Little Horses Farm Park and Explore & More Children’s Museum. Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum for a look at the all the elephants (she LOVES elephants). And of course, dining at so many great places and shopping at our local farm markets. Next on her list, now that she is old enough, is a horseback tour. There are so many things to do in and around Gettysburg for kids. Now, if I can just make more time!


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About the Author:
A native of Adams County, Pa., Stacey lives in East Berlin just north of Gettysburg. After spending years traveling throughout the United States, she believes she lives in the most beautiful place in the country. Her favorite part of living here is the natural beauty of the landscape – the rolling hills, orchards, streams, wooded areas and the friendly people. She spends her time with her husband, Brian, Chloe her daughter, her son, Henry, and their yellow lab, Dreamer. 

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