Celebrating a Centennial – Educating America’s Youth in Gettysburg, Pa.

By Carl Whitehill – Educating youth is an important component of the National Park Service’s centennial celebration, especially here in Gettysburg, Pa.

Gettysburg National Military Park hosts thousands of students every year – from families to student field trips and other youth groups. Sharing with these youth not only the details of the rich history here, but to convey the importance of what happened in this town and how it has affected America since then, is the primary focus for Barbara Sanders, Education Specialist for Gettysburg National Military Park.

Barbara, as well as a variety of park rangers in Gettysburg, often have little time to make a impressionable connection to Gettysburg, but making that impression is a valuable part of not only their jobs, but to the lives of those students who visit.

Destination Gettysburg sat down with Barbara to get her perspective on this centennial anniversary as well as what makes Gettysburg National Military Park and the surrounding region special to so many young visitors.

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