Test your knowledge on Adams County’s blossoms!

You know it’s springtime in Adams County, Pennsylvania when the orchard-covered hills are vibrant shades of pinks and whites as the fruit trees begin to blossom. Visitors from all over look forward to these gorgeous blossom views. And Adams County is home to many different types of fruit trees, so there’s a wide variety of blossoms for visitors and locals alike to admire. While many enjoy the annual blossoming, how much do you really know about blossoms? Take the quiz to find out!

Click here for a list of places to view these springtime blossoms in Adams County. And take a look at a photo view of Adams County’s growing season from blossom to harvest.

5 thoughts on “Test your knowledge on Adams County’s blossoms!”

  1. John Schmeelk says:

    Fun and I learned something. THANKS

  2. Michael Spyker says:

    Scored 7 out of 10 on your quiz, but am still trying to find out APPROXIMATELY when the apple blossoms bloom in the Gettysburg area?? Every year we are either too early or too late. Realize weather is a contributing factor, but can you give us a “range” of time???


    • Destination Gettysburg says:

      Awesome job! It really varies from year to year. This year, things are blooming a little later than usual. Our apricot blossoms are currently in full bloom, and our apple blossoms are on their way there. We predict that they will be in full bloom within the next week or two. Our blooms usually arrive at some point in the month of April.

  3. Michael Spyker says:

    THANKS for your help !!

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