Which Gettysburg Civil War General are you?

When listening to Licensed Battlefield Guides and rangers talk about Civil War generals that fought in the Battle of Gettysburg or seeing their pictures in museums, it’s easy to forget that these generals were real people with normal lives before the Civil War. In fact, they might have been a lot like you. Their distinctive personalities guided them as they made tough calls during the three-day battle that took place in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Are you goal-oriented like General Robert E. Lee, strong and opinionated like General James Longstreet, or perhaps you’re short-tempered and brazen like General Daniel E. Sickles. Take this quiz to find out which Civil War general is most like you based on your personality.

28 thoughts on “Which Gettysburg Civil War General are you?”

  1. Craig Wheeler says:

    All I can say is… wow. 🙂

  2. Colin says:

    Greetings from the UK! I have just made my third visit to Gettysburg, the place fascinates me. I visit other CW battlefields as well but Gettysburg just keeps calling me back. On my office wall is a framed portrait of John Buford, someone who I admire greatly. So, imagine my delight when doing this quiz I’m told that the General I am closest to is John Buford! I am going around with a big daft smile on my face now.

    • Destination Gettysburg says:

      Hi Colin! Wow, thank you for visiting from the UK! That’s fantastic that your quiz results compared you to someone you admire so greatly. We hope you can visit us again soon!

  3. JV says:

    Awesome. To be compared to “Marse Robert” in way is a profound complement.

  4. Todd C. Harmon says:

    I was compared to Robert E. Lee.. Interesting.. How should I feel about that?… :-)) Cool Test..

  5. ken dahl says:

    General Buford…..Fun quiz….cant wait to get back to Gettysburg (although I just left a week and a half ago)

  6. Bill says:

    I really was surprised and a bit disappointed to be compared to Bobby Lee. I was hoping for John Buford.

  7. Jim Ranke says:

    Robert E Lee.Well i do own a horse named traveler and he does ride the confederate lines daily So there must be something to say about that??
    a confederate Yankee in Lees court

  8. Carol Newmann says:

    Interesting for me, General Lee. I had thought perhaps I would be Gen. Pickett since my maiden name was Pickett and family from Virginia.

  9. Leo says:

    My brother, two sons and I all got Gen.Lee. I admit to retaking the quiz and making random choices and did get other generals . Very interesting.

  10. Susan Bedus says:

    I’ m like General Longstreet, who has always intrigued me. I’m leaving for Gettysburg tomorrow, I can’t wait to get there.
    Thanks for having such a fun quiz.

  11. Bill C Buttermark says:

    Buford! Wow. Doesn’t get much better than that!.

  12. Mary L Roeder says:

    Gettysburg my happy place.

  13. Mary L Roeder says:

    My happy place.

  14. David Voyack says:

    I am Lee. I live close to Gettysburg (Harrisburg) and enjoy going there. Such an interesting place.

  15. claude rodriguez says:

    Marse Robert. I am ready to fight it again. Very neat exercise.

  16. Ralph L Turner says:

    I was Robert E Lee

  17. MICHAEL B MILLER says:

    Seems like most of us are getting Buford or Lee…..

  18. Sam Olson says:

    I admireJames Longstreet.

  19. James Reeves says:

    George Pickett. Cavalier blood runs through both our veins so this wasn’t a surprise.

  20. Bill Harsch says:

    Got Buford which is great . My favorite spot on battlefield is by his statue . Oh and favorite way to see battlefield is to walk it , have done entire field at least a dozen times.

  21. Gloria Fisher says:

    Couldn’t believe I came up as Gen. Lee . I am a decendant of a long line of Yankees but doesn’t stop me from admiring the soldiers on both sides. Looking forward to Rememberance Day weekend in November loved the quiz.

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